domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

once upon a time...

once upon a time
a pen was lost
in a poets hand, it was lost in his writting
and he couldnt find her, so he stoped writting and went to look for her
but he didnt knew where to look for, so he started to write..
but it wasnt the same thing, the lost pen was he's lucky one so he stop writing
and he searched beyond lands and seas, travelded to the worlds ends to find it
but he didnt so he came back home and then he saw her, she was above the secretary like if she had always been there
so he took her and started to write about his adventures as he searched for his pen, but he accidently throw her out the window!!
and then he ran outside but she had been crushed by a car.
when he woke up he found himself fighting for a place in heaven, or he would have to go to hell
but he won and went to heaven and found his pen and wrote to all eternity
the end

by: avatar and marshmallows

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