terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2010

crazy stories

once upon a time
there was an evil, cruel and ambitious kitty cat who wanted to..
who wanted to eat an ice cream
so he traveled to suisse because he thought they had the greatest ice creams in the world
but because it was winter, people didnt sell ice creams

and it began to snow, so he bought some cherries and mixed it with snow and made a cherry ice cream!
but then he fell and lost the ice cream and he went to buy more cheries but there werent more..

as there werent anymore cherries he fealt a huge inner rage and started destroying anything in his path
but then he saw a little girl singing with an ice cream on her hand
only he forgot all about the ice cream, for he fell in love with the little girls voice and followed her home
and then she took him to be her pet and gave him ice cream every day

but he was already sick of ice cream, the kitten just wanted the little girls attention and he wanted to spend the day listening to her singing
but she lost her voice
and both the kitty and the little girl were left broken-hearten because of it, but they supported each other to go throw it
the end
-.-' i'm gonna kill you.. is this how this story ends?
hmm yes?
well.. i guess it will be okay =b
it has been a long time since the last time we made one of this stories
a really long time xD

written by: avatar and marshmallows

2 comentários:

  1. Lol esta historia engraçada XD deves de estar a perguntar como é que conseguis te ler visto que não percebes inglês..........pois bem, isso é segredo muahahahah ^^

  2. ultimamente tens andado a falar mt em inglês
    será qe já consegues ter uma conversa em ingles? revelame o teu segredo muhahaha =b