quinta-feira, 6 de maio de 2010

once upon a time...

Once upon a time
There was a princess
That was buried alive
But was saved by the prince.
He saved her with a kiss, but then he turned into a frog
And she was sick and ran away from the frog
But he loved her, and ran after her through a dark forest and they both got lost
And she was forced to be with him, but then she fall in love for him and gave him a kiss and he transformed into a prince.
But when he transformed into a price she transformed into a frog
But like he loved her no matter what, he kissed her and she transformed into a princess
And he transformed into a frog again
And when she kissed him for the second time, he transformed and they both stayed has humans
But still they were lost, they were also hungry and cold and in the dark they couldn’t find their way home
So they felt asleep hugged to keep themselves warm, and on the next day…
When the prince woke up she was missing!
And then he found her because she only went to an “improved bathroom” and on the way she found a tree with very good fruits
Only she couldn’t see on the top of the tree there was a crazy monkey that throws her a coconut and it hit her head and she blacked out
And when she woke up she had lost her memory
She couldn’t remember where she was, why she was in there or even the prince, but she found a way out of the forest and she didn’t want to be with him
And then they followed separate ways
But he couldn’t live without her, so he ran after her then hold her and kissed her.. and she turned into a frog again
And then they realized that they couldn’t be together so she (the frog) went to the lake but she forgot she couldn’t swim so she drowned and died
(a frog cant swim??) so the prince moved on, he didn’t shed a tear and went home
And married with another girl
And when he kissed the bride they both turned into frogs
Then they went to a witch that toke the curse from the prince and the both back to their human form, and they could kiss without afraid of being transformed into frogs
the witch didn’t knew that by taking the curse from the prince would passed it to herself, and when she found out she traveled the world to turn people into frogs
And then she turned herself into a frog and married with another frog..
Soon everybody in the world turned into frogs – and they ruled the world
And the king was the Crazy Frog!!!
The end

by: avatar and marshmallow

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