terça-feira, 4 de maio de 2010

once upon a time...

Once upon a time.. in a land where good things never ended
The things ended and the people panicked
And a brave white bunny started to jump very high (hoping to find them in heaven)
But he found a carrot that was on the top of a trap and he was hurt and unable to walk forever
But he discovered that that was a carrot with all good things and when he holds her he was able to walk again and nothing could harm him
But with all the things it came a bad thing, a monster, that wanted the carrot for himself, and he got the carrot and locked the bunny that was unable to get out and staid there until the end of times
The idea of trapped “until the end of times” scared the bunny and he started to jump (again) and he was able to get out from wherever he was and he went to heaven and kept searching for all the good things
And he found a good thing; he got married and then died, leaving his wife pregnant
And then the baby rabbits were born, and as they started to grow the rabbits wife was freaking out because one of her babies looked and acted like his father (the rabbit reborn throw his child)
But their brothers wanted that he act like them so they did a spell on him and their fathers spirit went away forever with no chance of coming back
When the mother found out what her children had done, she grounded them, and they went to their room without supper!
But she understood why they had done that and on the next day let them go out and play
She understood but she couldn’t accept that the rabbit she loved was gone forever.. she become depressed, eventually died and left the bunnies orphans
And they went to live with their sweet grandparents
Und they lived happily ever after.. the end

by: avatar and marshmallows

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