quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010

another crazy story

Once upon a time
There was once a beast
Who lived in a dark forest
But wanted to go to the city
To destroy it, to make it inhabitable, to tare it apart!!!
Because that wore what beasts do, but he wasnt a normal beast, he didnt like to destroy things
He didnt like to simply destroy… he wanted to make it look like an atomic bomb had left that city in ruins, a ghost city, he wanted the apocalypse!
That was the family motto, what he really wanted was to live peacefully with the humans
He was divided between what he wanted to do, and what his family wanted him to do… he wanted to respect their memory but he was tiered of being alone
But he had to honor his parents’ memory so he went to the first town he saw and destroy it
Though, instead of destroying it, when he arrived to the city he went to a garden and planted pretty, lovely flowers
But he got bored and he destroyed everything not leaving anything standing
So he laid everything on the flowers he planted
That soon wilted
And he was very sad and started to cry and his tears made new flowers blossom where the others had died
And transformed into Carnivorous plants and tried to eat him, so he went away to the forest, to his house
While he was running to the forest, an inner strength and anger possessed him and turned back and fight the flowers
But they were more than him and he was eaten by them… it was a slow and painful death
And after his suffering, his soul was trapped on earth and he haunted all the gardens and destroyed every flower on his path
Forever and ever
And avatar closed the book and the story ended
And then she gave the book to her friend marshmallow
The end!!!

by: avatar and marshmallow

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