sábado, 14 de janeiro de 2012

omegle conversations


Stranger: hey how are you?

You: hey honey i'm home :D

Stranger: kool.

Stranger: Where do we live again, I have sudden onset altzhiemers

You: down the rabbit hole sweety, how could you forget?

Stranger: well you know hard day at work and all.

Stranger: Have you seen the little rabbit recently?

You: oh yes darling i perfectly understand
i havent seen it the hole day, and you?

Stranger: nope. oh well, I let him borrrow a watch of mine, ./.. well you know what, it's not important.

Stranger: How was your day sweetheart?

You: oh it was fabulous i found a dodo at the beach and we danced around the fire the entire afternoon

You: and yours?

Stranger: ah you know, painting the roses in the garden again, damn queen can't keep her mind made.

Stranger: But I can't complain.

You: well honey at least you still have your head

Stranger: too true, too true.

You: did you found the mad hatter? he wanted to invite you to his unbirthday tee

Stranger: well I tried to talk to the dormouse about the location, but he decided he'd rather take a nap.

Stranger: And lord knows I can't fathom the idea of talking to that damn cat.

Stranger: always with the riddles. I just wanna know which road to take.

You: the queen will problably tell you faster than him darling

You: and jesus that mouse is so lazy

Stranger: too true,

Stranger: I did find some nice cookies for you dear. Tey have a delightful little tab on them saying "eat me" try a few?

You: owwww so sweet of you
yes they look delicious honey, how thoughtfull

You: honey?? i kind of think i'm growing bigger....

Stranger: my God dear, quick before you grow. . . . Oh my, much too late now!

Stranger: how ever will we fix the door,the poor chimney...

Stranger: oh and you of course dear. How will we get you out of this mess?

Stranger: here, try this drink, if one makes you taller, surely the other will make you smaller?

You: good heavens im feeling much better now

You: but our poor little home..

You: honey you are full of chimney dust

Stranger: ahh, I'll be fine. so long as you are ok dear.

Stranger: How about this we'll go for a stroll through the garden to clear our minds for a bit.

You: you always have fantastic ideas dear, that sounds great

Stranger: the flowers here have the strangest effect of looking just like human faces

You: dear lord and listen how they sing, they could break the glasses of our house

Stranger: well If there was much glass left I'm sure we'd have to worry, but we should definitely be fine love.

Stranger: My so peculiar, is it just me or is that caterpillar smoking hookah?

You: well i believe you're right, i took care of that just moments ago

You: the caterpillar, smoking... again?

You: what are we going to do with her darling?

Stranger: The little one in the blue dress? Why not give her some of the cookie to see if we can make her a proper size again.

You: its problably a good advice honey, but be carefull
she might grow too much and too much fast

Stranger: :) but of course dear.

Stranger: Just this much should defintely be enough.

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